History of Castletownroche

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Colonel Grove White wrote a fascinating account of the history and heritage of Cork in his collection of Historical and Topographical Notes, County Cork, published 1906 – 1915.  There is a very detailed account of the history of the village of Castletownroche, its landowners, with details of the contemporary commercial and agricultural life and indeed an account of the Castle from the early part of the 20th Century and you can click on this link to read the digitised version.




A drawing by Alfred J. Nicholson of Blackwater Castle, then Widenham Castle, with the old Norman tower (1475) clearly visible at the summit with the remains of the ruined lookout post visible below.  The Old Rustic Bridge by the Mill (collapsed since 1946) is visible to the fore of the drawing with the late Medieval bridge (circa 13th century) in the rear of the drawing.

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