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Bridgetown Priory

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The co-founder of the Castle Alexander Fitz Hugh is likely the man depicted in this carving found in Bridgetown Priory, the priory established by Alexander between 1202 and 1216 and located less than 2 miles from the Castle. Professor Tadhg O’Keeffe in his study of Bridgetown Priory on p23 suggests that “This head, carved in […]

Video and Photoshoot at the Castle

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We had a very interesting video and photoshoot last summer 2014 at the Castle in conjunction with White Cat Studio Photography ( and Vector PM. Feathers, smoke, masks, cakes, cots and mirror balls all featured in this quirky shoot and you can link to the video here:–

Autumn leaves at Blackwater Castle

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The Autumnal colours at the Castle are gorgeous this year due to such a hot summer and a dry sunny Autumn hastening the disappearance of chlorophyll and exposing the range of red, yellow and orange pigments.  The results are spectacular with more delights ahead.  Here are some images of Autumn drawing in taken this weekend.  As […]

History of Castletownroche

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Colonel Grove White wrote a fascinating account of the history and heritage of Cork in his collection of Historical and Topographical Notes, County Cork, published 1906 – 1915.  There is a very detailed account of the history of the village of Castletownroche, its landowners, with details of the contemporary commercial and agricultural life and indeed an […]

Commercial life of Castletownroche

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Commercial life of Castletownroche in the late 19th Century and early 20th Century. A brochure on the commercial life of the village was produced about 10 years ago chronicling the various businesses and social life of the village at the turn of the 20th century.  The depth of commercial life is truly astonishing for such […]

Outdoor Wedding Ceremonies

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Good news this week from the Attorney General’s Office with clarification that wedding ceremonies can now be held outside. While the Castle was an approved venue for civil ceremonies since 2008 new rules came into effect in 2013 which permitted Humanists to perform legally binding ceremonies at such venues in addition to State Registrars. Registrars […]

Tripadvisor Certificate of Excellence 2014

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Delighted to get a Certificate of Excellence from Tripadvisor!  We are thrilled to be the top rated speciality venue in Cork (of 76) and the second of 346 in Munster.  Thank you to all our reviewers who have accorded us a coveted 5* status.   Next goal for us is to get to the top […]